7th grade girls advisory

Villa Academy’s Middle School Advisory program supports our whole child development of compassionate hearts and confident minds through intentional time dedicated to developing connections within a small supportive group of peers and a trusting relationship with a caring adult advocate.

Key Elements

Advocacy & Academic Growth

Advisory provides an adult advocate for every student. Advisors nurture academic life, oversee school logistics, and coordinate communication between school and home.

Social, Emotional & Spiritual Growth

Advisory activities help develop self awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making skills within a safe environment where students can take healthy risks and grow.

Community Building & Invigoration

Advisory provides opportunities for inclusive social interaction that promotes our school climate of respect, integrity and compassion in a structure that allows for connection, creativity and fun.


The theme for 7th grade advisory specifically is community building.  This year we will focus on strengthening communities within individual advisories, as a 7th grade class, as a broad middle school, and  across the entire school.  Additionally, 7th graders participate in the spring’s Global Youth Service Day where they engage in community service with an agency that addresses a specific community need.


Rock Climbing in Vantage

Rock Climbing in Vantage